Kingdom of the Phoenix

The Kingdom of the Phoenix is blessed by one of the ancient god birds of fire. The legend goes that the founder of the kingdom once saved one of its children, and because of this it bestowed its bloodline as a blessing to the founder. Later on he founded the now great Kingdom of the Phoenix.

To the West of the kingdom lies The Forgotten lands, a cursed land full of foul and evil energies. If it had not been for their Phoenix bloodline, the kingdom would have fallen a long time ago. The royal family is using the bloodline to create a Phoenix Flame. In addition to burning hotter then a normal flame, or even a flame made of magic, it has a cleansing effect to it, which removes evil from anything burned by it. It is said it can even cleanse the soul. 

By using the Phoenix Flame, they are able to hold back the miasma that threatens to flow into their kingdom. It is also used to cleanse items from the forgotten lands of its evil, making it useful in creating different magic items or elixirs.

Current ruler of the kingdom is <u>Tyndareus Phoenix</u>

Kingdom of the Phoenix

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