In The Shattered Realm, the gods walk among the mortals. Some to gather followers to grow stronger, others to help those in need, but most just to enjoy life.

There are a few types of gods or Greater Creatures, the main thing is that they all have Divine powers. The god types are:

Gods – they are the most common that are around, most are worshipped in some way, and have a church of their own.

Fiend Gods – they are Greater Creatures of the realms, born from powerful energies, Unlike Gods they can hardly use any Divine power. Instead they have extremely strong bodies and abilities which makes them dangerous. Unlike Gods they don't gather followers, but enslave others instead to rule over them.

Land Gods – they are mostly Greater Creatures born of the world, they are not as powerful as the other two types of gods, but they all wish to someday evolve into either a god or Fiend God. They are mostly found in the form a animals or elemental spirits.

Now and then, some mortals are also born with a little Divine power. For most this can be fatal as there are many who wants to either use them, or take their power for themselves. There are also mortals who seeks the Divine by contemplating on the Dao of the world, there is stories of mortals have become Gods in this way.


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