Adventure Guild Rule Book

This is a book giving to all who joins the Adventure guild, in this book you can read about the rules that you will have to follow if you dont want to lose your status as a member of the guild.


1 – No fightning with other members of the guild. If it happens you are to report it to the guild

2 – Any unlawfully conduct will be condemned by the guild,

3 – Adventures have a duty to respond to the guild if a Alert is send out

4 – When in the Forgotten Lands, all materials that are not used for personal use must be sold to the guild.

5 – You are always to have your Guild Card on you at all times, or within reach.

6 – The guild will never take any responsibility for what a Adventure might do – unless you have been given a representative token by the guild.

7 – Failing to complete a mission will result in a penalty as high as the mission reward.

Not following the rules can get you expelled by the guild and in worse case put in prison.

When joining a guild you will be giving a Rank from A to F to Show how much experience you might have. The higher your rank the better missions/rewards and facilities will be granted to you. To raise your rank you have to do missions or guild requests. Failing might result in you losing your rank.

The Guild offers a lot of things to Adventures. Such as guild sponsored shops, taverns and inns, which will give adventures a better price. Also all prices that the guild buys materials for is set and can not be negotiated. The guild also buys and sells information.

You can find the guild in 4 Locations, but depending on your rank, you might not be able to get in. A-B rank guild houses are in the Noble district. C-D and E-F are located in the Trade district .

(The guild card looks like a player card, but with name of the owner and his rank. If casting Detect magic, you will be able to read all information on the card)

Adventure Guild Rule Book

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